(Mon November 16th - End of February)

                     *Basic Training- Designed for 9/u wrestlers to properly develop basic skills

                     *Gold Training - Technique w/mid-level intensity for experienced athletes (2x/wk)

                     *Platinum Training  -Technique w/high-level intensity for serious athletes (3x/wk)

                     *Leg Riding Training Explanation of setups, technique, drills, and adjustments

                             *High School Training-High-level intensity for HS & College level athletes  (3x/wk)

** Platinum Athletes must attend a minimum of 2 days per week

*** We will be forced to close all sessions at max enrollment / NO REFUNDS

****Athletes may be transferred to a different training level (with notice) if needed

                                                        Sunday        Monday      Tuesday       Wednesday       Thursday

                             5:00 - 6:30 pm    Platinum           Gold            Basic               Gold              Leg Riding

                                7:00 - 8:30 pm       H.S.            Platinum          H.S.            Platinum               H.S.

*All Athletes must wear a mask to enter the facility and follow all health measures*
*NO parents or guests allowed in the facility*NO CONTACT training*​

*We have the right to refuse or reject anyone at any time*


Membership Costs

                                      Basic Training  Session      $150          High School Session $200

                                         Gold Training Session         $250          Leg Riding Session    $150

                                          Platinum Training Session  $350                       

* Hammer Discount - Save $50 if you choose 2 programs

*Sibling Discount - Save $50 for each additional sibling




Email the following to: rking@kingselectwrestling.com

Line #1) Name / Age / Approx Wt / Experience / Current Club

Line #2) List desired Programs (For ex: Gold and Leg Riding)

Line #3)      Name of parent(s) and best contact phone number